Agenfor International

AGENFOR is a non-profit Research Centre registered by the Italian Ministry of University, Scientific Research and Technology since 2000, and specializes in working on humanities and social sciences. The focal point for AGENFOR activities is the field of security and counterterrorism where it
conducts specialised researches, manages a number of EU and National Projects and produces news and documentaries for national and international television audiences.

AGENFOR has conducted research into policy issues since 1997, with a focus on Muslim minorities in Europe and in the Western Balkans, and non-Muslim minorities in countries with Muslim majorities. AGENFOR concentrates its activities on the examination of relation between ethnicity and national identities, religious and secular governance within State building, National and Federal identities and interrelation between agents and structures in social changes. Moreover, AGENFOR produces news and documentaries for the Italian public television (RAI), Mediaset, BBC, al-Jazeera, RSI, and many other networks.

    Consortium implementing BIGOSINT

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