Countering Trafficking of Human Beings (THB) Through Big Data and OSINT Analysis


10th and 11th of May, 2022 Granada, Spain
Project Kick-Off Meeting
The in-presence Project Kick-Off Meeting took place on the 10th and 11th of May, hosted by the Euroarab Foundation in Granada, Spain. The meeting was ...
4th and 6th of July, 2022 Venice, Italy
Open Source Intelligence Tools Training
The training session "Tangles and Webloc Learning By Doing" took place successfully in Venice, on the 4th-6th of July 2022. The training which was funded ...
14th and 15th of October, 2022 Trento, Italy
Steering Committee Meeting
The Second Steering Committee Meeting was held on the 13th-14th of October 2022 in Trento, Italy!  What happened? Current developments and further steps to be taken within ...


  • Assess the state of the art in counter-online trafficking of human beings (THB) instruments, including both legal and technological tools
  • Enhance relevant LEAs access to, and monitoring of, open and closed environments online, allowing them to detect, identify & classify content, users, and victims in an efficient and coordinated manner 
  • Interrupt the financial flows supporting online THB
  • Strengthen cross-border and inter-agency cooperation
  • Test new tools, protocols and joint investigative approaches to counter THB
  • Reduce the vulnerability of specific groups 


  • Development of a Legal and Ethical Handbook, which will serve as a guide to ensure that all project activities and outputs meet the highest legal and ethical standards, with particular emphasis on GDPR and the Police Directive
  • Development of a THB Handbook for Online Investigators and Analysts
  • Establishment of National Interagency Teams (NITs) through a dedicated Recruitment Campaign: BIGOSINT will recruit 75 trainers from relevant LEA units and prosecutor offices
  • Training of the National Interagency Teams (NITs): Reaching a total of 100 trainees from LEAs, Judiciary and Forensic Experts
  • Implementation of Live Prototyping Sessions for NITs to run for period of 20 weeks
  • Production of 5 pseudonymized reports as a result of the the Live Prototyping Sessions
  • Drafting of journal articles and dissemination material for the public
  • Dissemination Campaign: Quarterly newsletters, social media engagement
  • Provide Training Materials to CEPOL, Police Academies and Schools of Magistrates and participate to specialized exhibitions such as Milipol 2022
  • Symposium in Venice by the Police School 

Expected results:

  • Improved detection of cyber-enabled trafficking in THB and its victims
  • More wide-spread and effective use of technology for preventing and combatting THB
  • More systematic use of financial investigations in cases of THB through a multi-disciplinary approach
  • More effective and intensified law enforcement operations, including cross-border cooperation and investigations
  • Improved capacity for setting up joint investigations
  • Strengthened operating procedures and protocols tested through simulations and exercises
  • New and strengthened public-private partnerships and further involvement of civil society in the prevention of THB

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