The Prosecution Office of Trento

The Public Prosecutor’s Office carries out a series of important heterogeneous activities, briefly listed in the art. 73 of the Royal Decree of 30 January 1941, n. 12 (Judicial system), a text of law which generally governs the organization of the judiciary and describes its different functions. In particular, the general attributions of the Public Prosecutor, i.e. of the Magistrates who, as a whole, make up the Public Prosecutor’s Office, are the following:

  • Repression of crimes;
  • Supervision of the observance of the laws and the prompt and regular administration of justice;
    · Protection of the rights of the state, legal persons and incapable persons;
    · Execution of the judged in criminal matters.

The Judicial Police section assists the Prosecutor in carrying out the investigative activity, then carries out inspections, interrogations and whatever is necessary to collect useful evidence to identify the perpetrator of a crime. The tasks of the Judicial Police are listed in articles 55-59 of the Code of Criminal Procedure:

  • Investigations, following reports or on their own initiative;
    · Repression of illegal activities, such as arrest in the act of crime;
    · Execution of the acts and commands of the prosecutor or the judge.

The Judicial Police is set up at every Public Prosecutor’s Office on the Italian territory. It is not a separate body, but rather it is made up of officers and agents from the State Police and the Carabinieri and other bodies that are available to the judicial authority for the execution of investigation.

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